In order to Lead, you must have structure and organization. Let's work together to get your organization to that next level.

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Non-Profit organizations should always focus on their Impact. Let me help you with your results.



All Non-Profit Organizations should prepare for the Future. Let me help you with your planning and execution.

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In order for your organization to operate in Excellence, it's important to leverage key resources.

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About You Are Life

You Are Life works with Organizations to build their infrastructure through development & strategic planning. Our focus is to provide each client with Information and Education for the Elevation of the Organization. We work through the process with you while providing training and resources, but most of all, we appreciate YOU and the work you do in the community.

Leading an Impactful Future in Excellence

Why Non-Profit Organization Coaching and Consulting


In order successfully build an organization, you must have a plan!


Overcome roadblocks and accomplish goals.


Learn more about fundraising tactics for your NPO.


Learn how to navigate the business world and become empowered to impact more.

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I learned so much from our Session!

We met with Elizabeth Peeple for a brief meeting. Her insight, suggestions, and when needed, referrals, are still proving more than beneficial. Thank you Ms. Peeple for your time and talent!.

~Dr. W. Samuel, COO Next Level Nation.

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Elizabeth has been such a key resource!

Elizabeth Peoples with You Are Life, LLC is simply amazing! She was very thorough and thoughtful when it came to the fleshing out of my business plan.

I greatly appreciated her professionalism and her timeliness as we worked together on really bring to “life” (pun intended…lol) my non-profit organization. I highly recommend and will continue to refer You Are Life, LLC every chance that I get!

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Elizabeth is one of a kind

I feel truly blessed to have found Elizabeth from You Are Life. I’m sure there are plenty out here that are knowledgeable in the nonprofit sector, but I believe Elizabeth is one of a kind when it comes to genuine and passionate about her clients foundation. I don’t want to work with anyone else but her.

~ Janelle Ford, Founder Heart to Heart Coalition

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