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This is a 2-phase 1-to-1 process for building the infrastructure of the organization. Phase 1 includes obtaining 501c tax exemption. Phase 2 includes developing key areas of the organization towards sustainability.

This includes planning and positioning the organization for sustainable success through our Low Risk- High Gain coaching & training sessions. Building key relationships and properly managing funding while strategically building programs to meet the needs of the community.

Workshops & events designed to provide information & education for the elevation of the organization through interactive & hands-on learning.

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You Are Life Consulting LLC was estalished as a response to the question, “What’s Next?” asked by so many organization founders. In answering the question, we focus our clients on Building Confident Organizations.

We believe Organization Leaders should know and understand the best practice for operating a nonprofit, cultivating donors/supporters, and supporting the community through its’ programs.

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“I’m a Non-Profit Organization Leader and I need support with getting established and creating a plan to grow!”



“I’m an Entrepreneur and I need help with formulating my growth strategy and plan to succeed.”


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“I’m a Community Leader and I need to generate some structure around my involvement so I can experience the impact that I desire.”

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