Start & Develop a Nonprofit

Providing non-profit launch and development services involves helping individuals or groups establish a non-profit organization, including services such as creating a mission statement, obtaining legal status, developing fundraising strategies, and creating a board of directors.

  • State & Federal Paperwork for Tax Exemption (filing fees included)

  • Building a Board/Committee

  • Creating Bylaws

  • Organization Goals/Strengths

  • Risk Management

  • 501C3 Entity Structuring

Capacity Building

Capacity building services for non-profit organizations involve providing training, resources, and support to help them develop the skills and knowledge needed to improve their operations and achieve their mission more effectively.

  • Strategic Plan (1-3 years) or (3-5 years)

  • Board Recruitment & Retention Training

  • Volunteer Interactive Program (V.I.P)

  • Budget & Local Funding

Business & Entrepreneur Spaces

Are you a business or entrepreneur who wants to get involved with the community? Let us help you decide the best fit option for you.

  • Human Support
  • Financial Support [Donations / Sponsorship / In-Kind Contributions]
  • Be Of Service

Low Risk/High Gain Coaching

You Are Life Consulting provides a number of coaching and training options focused on supporting the development and growth of the organization.

  • New Board Member Training

  • Semi-Annual Org Training

  • Coaching Sessions [1-on-1 / Group]

Need a personalized solution?

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DIY / Self-Paced Training / Resource Center

FOCUS Your Nonprofit Series

New organizations often struggle with 2 things, the direction of the Organization and Funding. The FYNPS focuses on providing a budget friendly space for organization leaders to gain foundation level information to help guide them in the decisions and understanding of the Nonprofit Industry.

Through the use of informational videos, webinars and events, FYNPS helps organization leaders build the infrastructure of the organization at their own pace.

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