You Are Life LLC is a company that focuses on maximizing the potential of our community by assisting nonprofit organizations build their infrastructure, and by providing empowerment workshops for organizations and individuals.

Building A Foundation for Your Volunteers Workbook- E-Book

As an organization, you understand volunteers are essential, but you find yourself asking “how do we choose the right volunteer”. This workbook helps organizations focus on setting up the organization to not only choose the right volunteer but also create a great volunteer experience. In this workbook we will, assess your organization, create the ideal volunteer, discuss legal matters, policies and so much more. Upon completion of this workbook you will be able to recruit, onboard and train your volunteers.


Nonprofit Business/Development Plan

This plan will be based on building the infrastructure of the organization and will include, but not limited to topics such as:
Board Members, Bylaws
Organization Goals, Volunteers
Finances, Fundraising
Social Media, Marketing (and more)
-This plan will provide an educational view as well as a guideline for the operation of the organization

We do not dictate the plan, rather we talk the organization through educational and informative options and scenarios to help make the best decision for the organization.

What you get:

  • Receive a written strategic-streamlined plan presented through creative options to help develop and design the foundation on which the organization will grow. 
  • Assessment questionnaire (when necessary) to help stream line ideas 
  • Creative Strategy Sessions for brainstorming
  • Independent exercises to strengthen organization operations, and more.

*We also provide Entity Structuring for new organizations.*

Create your Story/Sponsorship Package

his service is designed to create the story of your organization in a way that positions the organization for funding.
Service includes, but not limited to:

  • Monthly Creative Strategy Sessions
  • Review of org goals and accomplishments
  • Strategies for donation campaigns
  • Strategies to create online presence
  • Sponsorship Letter

* Social Media Management and website design can be obtained through request*

Board Training

Nonprofit boards are the core of an organization. They make overall decisions for the organization and as such, they need to make sure they are operating within the bylaws and the law. Our board training cover the essential things all board members need to know and understand. 
The Board Training will include, but not limited to , the following topics:

  • Understanding the importance of board members for Nonprofits
  • Board titles/functions
  • What the mission means and how it helps the organization
  • Board Governance
  • What a Board Assessment looks like 
  • Ways to keep the board engaged
  • Organization Goals
  • S.W.O.T Analysis

*Trainings can be customized if needed*

Policy & Procedure Handbook

The Policy & Procedure Handbook package includes two (2)- one (1) hour long discovery sessions to discuss all rules and regulations determined by the board to govern the volunteers/staff of the organization. The handbook will include the following:

1- Cover page with name and logo of organization

2- Separation of volunteers and paid staff (if necessary- may incur additional charge)

3- Printed and/or digital copy

Sponsorship Letter

Sponsorship letters are used to cultivate new and existing donors to support your organization as a whole or just a specific event. Our sponsorship letters are customized to fit your target donor. This package includes strategy sessions to discuss the organization and event and the production of the letter. You will have a completed letter that will help raise awareness for your organization, tell your “why”, and speak to your goals.

*additional fees may apply

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YAL Insights

  • Recurring Resources to help with Fundraising and Non-Profit Growth
  • Insights into Structuring your NPO
  • To-Do's and Activities
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